Board of Directors of Milne Community

Milne on Highway 21 adult programming center

Board of Directors of Milne Community


These women have worked steadfastly to return Milne to Louisiana. Board members never realized land acquired pre-Hurricane Katrina for a summer camp would become our new community. Working together board members, staff and our residents have created a community from the ground on up through their efforts.

As you look through these names we hope you feel as inspired as we do by the effort of these ladies. They really show us all what just a handful of determined people can do when they set their minds to a task.

Our dedicated Board of Directors:

Conlee Whiteley

Julia Pearce
1st Vice President

Meg Charbonnet
2nd Vice President

Joann Becnel
Corresponding/Recording Secretary

Lucy McCann

Johanna Averill 

Linda Bartlett

Henrietta Creevy Clay

Gay Cunningham

Linda Feringa 

Connie Fly

Ruth Landis

Serelda Young



What Can You Do for Milne Community

If the efforts of these ladies has inspired you to help, we are always in need of more hands on deck. Feel free to contact us to see how you can help further enrich the Milneburg community with your efforts. You can contact us via this online form by clicking this link. Also, feel free to give us a call at (985) 327-6550. We look forward to hearing from you!