Friends of Milne

A Message to Friends of Milne

We can never have enough “friends”! We are truly grateful to everyone that has stepped forward assisting Milne in a variety of ways! Our friends actively support Milne’s mission with others throughout the community. It truly is humbling to see what a group of people can do when they determine to make big changes in their community.

Here are some actions friends of Milne take that help our community: 

  • Recruit other individuals and businesses to help grow the outreach.
  • Participate with cash and/or planned gift contributions supporting the programs and services.
  • Help others to better understand all developmentally challenged individuals and their needs.
  • Motivate other businesses, individuals, and organizations to financially support Milne.
  • Volunteer assisting Milne’s with special events and activities. 
  • Even the smallest effort can make a huge difference to the members of Milne. Again, we appreciate all of the effort past, present and future Friends of Milne have put forth to assist us in our efforts.

Reach Out to Make a Difference Milne 

We encourage you to contact the development & marketing department should you have an interest in becoming a member of “Friends of Milne” to support our residents. If you are interested in joining us please feel free to contact: