Hawaiian Fall Gala

On Saturday 24, 2016 all of the residents and several family members enjoyed a tremendous time in the courtyard under the tent. We named our event: “The Hawaiian Leis” as many of the residents adorned grass skirts showing off their dancing prowess. In addition several tried their hand at the “Limbo Dance” as individuals successfully skillfully guided their bodies beneath the Limbo Stick to the delightful music. The culinary team did a fantastic job as everyone enjoyed the volcano cake as it spewed smoke (dry ice) from within the cake; honey dew melon shaped as a turtle; and a watermelon shaped as a Tiki King Doll. Great food and Hawaiian beverages were enjoyed by everyone.

img_0037 img_0064 img_0066 img_0095 img_0102 img_0104 img_0112

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