The Milne residents enjoy getting out into the nearby communities frequenting numerous places through our programs & activities. The activities our residents include eateries, educational settings, historical sites, grocery stores, shopping, social activities, and other activities.

Whether someone is elderly or has a  intellectual developmental disability, it doesn’t they shouldn’t immerse into the surrounding community. We at Milne try create a fulfilling atmosphere at with residential activities, but we also value the importance of exploring the world beyond.

We look forward to future programs & activities to help enrich the lives of our residents.

Below are some picture of programs & activities we’ve done with Milne residents:

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An Example of a Milne Activity: A “Sweet Who Dat Nation” Sunday Afternoon Outing

We know many of you Saints fans are going to be really jealous of this special day out with the women of Milne. Recently, several of the Milne women enjoyed a most special outing as guests in one of the New Orleans Saint’s suites. Everyone enjoyed an exciting football game in New Orleans at the Super Dome. All of our members attended dressed in the Saint’s black and gold.

This suite’s inhabitants were “SUPER NOISY” cheering on their beloved SAINTS!

IMG_1028  saints programs assisted living trip  IMG_1061