Milne Work Opportunity Project (MWOP)

In October 2016 the Milne Work Opportunity Project (MWOP), was initiated by staff members of Alexander Milne Developmental Services with the objective of providing vocational-culinary and service industry training to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities residing here at Milneburg. Working regularly scheduled hours at Café Milne, in the Administration Building, and in Maintenance provides a source of pride for all of our MWOP employees and also fulfils the Alexander Milne Developmental Services mission to provide “life experiences to each person, allowing them to attain the optimal level of independence, self-determination, and self-fulfillment.” Our MWOP employees also enjoy engaging with the surrounding communities of St. Tammany Parish to raise awareness for mental health as they participate in a variety of marketing and fundraising endeavors. Our MWOP program is growing rapidly thanks to the support of the local community and our determined MWOP employees whose talents become clear as we challenge abilities not disabilities.

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